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Moorish Books is a small publishing company specialising in producing booklets and pamphlets on mainly historical subjects, for use for teaching, practical experimentation or simply for entertainment, both for adults and for children.

We have a company style, producing our books in covers imitating styles of the past, particularly in our facsimile range.

All our booklets are of A5 size. Our posters, broadsheets, worksheets and newsletters are normally in A4 size, although a few are in A3. No publication exceeds 5.50 retail price for a volume. We also produce picture CDs as teaching aids.

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Our publications come under several categories ---

Articles - these are collections of short pieces, some by modern authors, but most by contemporary writers of the period.

Facsimile Publications - these are items by contemporary authors, produced in a style close to the originals and with the original spelling, punctuation, etc

Miscellaneous - this contains songbooks, books of general interest, items for entertainment as well as historical content .

Plays and Fiction - we have a large range of medieval plays from the originals here, plus others written in the styles of the past, also poetry and fiction, not all of a historical nature.

Practical - handbooks on crafts and cookery of the past for our readers to practice or to increase knowledge of historical activities.

Research - while some of these are reproductions of past publications, most are papers by modern researchers on aspects of the past, including reference works to assist in your research.

Broadsheets and Prints - these are posters, newsletters and other single-sheet publications which may be used in education, representation of past events, or simply to frame.

Worksheets and Activity Packs - many of these relate to the titles for practical use, being templates and patterns for craft use.

Picture CDs - we have produced a range of photographs and prints on CD with explanatory notes for use for education or research purposes, or simply for viewing on your computer. It includes a range of photographs suitable for desktop use.

Notelets and Postcards - a range of packs with pictures and photographs on art and historical subjects.


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