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In addition to her Moorish Books titles, author Daphne Hilsdon is also a novelist, whose works have attracted very favourable reviews. All of Daphne's books are available in Kindle editions - click the links below to enter the world of the Tuareg or seventeenth century England.


The Tuareg Series.

"...exciting and fast-paced, with a scrummy sounding hero..."

Blue Warrior - A tale of love, honour, and revenge. Rafaele and her companion, Sirhan, ride across Morocco as she escapes her father, braving dangers together as they attempt to reach Tayoudi.

Rachel's Tuareg - Rachel arrives in Marrakech, only to find the land on the brink of civil war. Can she and Hamiada escape the fighting and reach safety, and what will happen between them on the way?

Veil of Secrets - Leila is part of an aid team travelling through Algeria to help refugees fleeing from Mali in 1994 when she discovers the gun-running plot. Their Tuareg guide reveals that he too has discovered this secret and enlists her help to try to stop the plotters. It is a race against time, the authorities and the rest of the team to foil the plot, and the more she learns the more danger she is in. And along the way she learns that the man she thought just a guide is someone else entirely...

Meeting Amadou - A story of love begetting courage. Angela on holiday in Morocco meets Amadou, a widower with a captivating small son. She is still suffering from the sudden death of her parents; His attentions help her to come to terms with her grief and when he is attacked by a tribal rival her medical skills save his life.

Pitiless Land - Hannah and Sarah, at an archaeological dig in the Egyptian desert, escape from a terrorist attack, but are stranded. They are rescued by a group of Tuareg who they join, expecting to be taken to Siwa. Instead they find themselves trekking across the Sahara, westwards from Egypt into Libya, ending up at a Libyan oilfield. Sarah, tired of the emptiness of the desert, and frustrated at the lack of progress in getting back to England, causes problems with the workmen. Hannah, terrified, flees into the desert again, alone. But she loses herself in its expanse. She is desperately trying to find her way back to the now invisible oilfield when a small band of Tuareg find her. The repercussions of Sarah's folly mean that they will not take her back. Instead they take her on with them into Algeria, to their village. She rides with Issoufi; but although she finds herself gradually falling for him, is not sure of his feelings. She cannot stay, and the Tuareg know that. Issoufi is inveigled into taking her on to Morocco, until she has crossed the whole Sahara, on foot or on camels, a journey of months. And not until they have reached Morocco and are on the point of separating does Issoufi reveal his feelings. But she does not hear from him again. Two years later she is in Syria covering the unrest in the Middle East with the team of reporters she works with, and they are seeking to interview the Hizbollah . She does not expect what she is about to find ....

The Darad Series.

The Hurr of Thara - the sequel to THE DEFIANCE OF PAREUS. This book deals with his cousin Fareg and the continuing war in Bodmen. The princess Ilsmen, ruler of Bodmen, is kidnapped and Fareg goes to the rescue.

The Defiance of Pareus - The prince Pareus is a warlord of repute, his skills much in demand. His uncle the king of Thara recalls him from nearby Osur to help defend Bodmen, and Pareus is caught up in the politics of deceit. When his father dies, Pareus leaves Thara for good, pursued by the king's vengeance. What he finds in a new and empty land changes his life forever.

Hunting the Heyel - Short stories from the world of Darad, dipping into the history of men, Ceahuin and Diyadin, involving magic, civil war, love and discovery, dealing with the lives of ordinary people and princes, bringing to life the fascinating civilisations of this world.

The War of the Kings - A man was killed, and in retaliation a king died. Thus began the war, for the king of Sorada had no heir. This is the story of that war. Two men fought for the vacant throne; only one could succeed. And Shajjad Musfallah had to pit his wits against his leader's adversaries, their opponents' treachery, in a war which changed the face of the country forever.

The Jewel of Arosfa - The Diyadin Arosfa, cursed by ancient magic, comes home to Darad to die. He triggers tragedy in the lives of all around him, fathering a daughter fatally infected with his own sickness. But hope rises from the ashes of their deaths when a unknown youth goes in search of the magical jewel which Arosfa once wore and which is now disrupting other men's lives. His quest raises long-dormant souls and changes the future.

THE PRIDE OF WAYFARERS - How one lonely warrior achieves the return of the Diyadin to the world of Darad, how they cope with centuries of change, how they find a role for themselves. But there is one in particular who believes the ancient war which destroyed them still continues .... There is conflict and danger, not least to the Diyadin themselves. The solution, for one of them, is more final than anyone intended.

Malhai -Magic has been misused and it threatens the life of Estiel Olnarin. But more than that, it threatens the existence of the Diyadin Arjun. Estiel and his brother make the perilous journey to Larmyer to confront Malhai, braving hostile magic resurrected by Malhai's working, seeing their companions on the journey die or disappear. And some of those companions are stranger than any man on Zareath should know - the Diyadin themselves. They are so few that the death of one of them at the hands of a novice wielding half-baked spells must be prevented. The brothers travel with unearthly companions. They endure hostile magic, they struggle on through nightmare, till they reach Malhai . And there they encounter the strangest and most dangerous magic of all.


The William and Mary Series 

"Humour and clever writing..."

The Secret Wife - In the autumn of 1700, Laura is deceived into marriage with a dying man. Weeks later she is shocked to find out that the injured man has not died, but recovered. A lively correspondence tempts her into discovering more about her husband, till finally they meet again. Eventually she must make a decision whether to honour her vows or have the marriage annulled. But until then...

Colichmarde - The suicide of Matthew Vigar's father is not as simple as he at first believes. Dunned for his father's debts, accused of murder, and later himself attacked and left for dead, he begins to unmask a plot which threatens Queen Anne herself.An odd assortment of supporters join him in unrooting treason... and then he complicates everything by falling in love.

The Wild Gallant - 1697, the year in which Christie Howarth leads a charmed life; among other activites he fights duels, kills a highwayman, is tried for murder, makes new enemies - and new friends, saves a foolish young girl from abduction, and later has to contend with his equally foolish young brother. He is attacked by Mohocks, spends time in Newgate, interferes in other men's affairs, and through it all leads a charmed life, buoyed by a gipsy's prediction which, through an excess of his own chivalry, begins to come true.

Mistress Fox - Plots and counter plots.Atalanta's aunt,aiming to make a drudge of the newly-bereaved young woman,never realises how independent she is.Atalanta determines to foil her plot,and concocts counter plots which involve the splendidly unaware Lord Ardenham; plots which are taken up by mutual friends to achieve a conclusion never thought of by either of them.But it is Ardenham she blames,and Ardenham who realises in the end how blind he has been.

Salisbury Plain - Kit Rosehay is summoned to his ailing grandfather's bedside. But he has to travel across Salisbury Plain through the Great Storm of 1702. He gets lost in deepening snowstorms, and takes refuge in an isolated farmhouse where he finds other stranded travellers, a Romany family, a lady and her companion, a very fashionable gentleman. Throughout their virtual imprisonment conflicts and alliances are born. When Kit finally rides on he takes Veronica with him. But their happiness has a further storm still to weather ...

The Lord of Misrule - A stormy meeting, a stormy courtship, complicated by a spurned ex-mistress, kidnap and scandal.The Earl of Rule is determined to have Dorothea, but she is uncertain of his motives. She is beset by family and society, by the attempts of a rival to discredit her. In the end Rule grows tired of her vacillating between quarrels and conquests and takes the decision from her.

Mildmay -The Marquis of Mildmay is a career soldier. His social graces are few. But he is an honest and loyal man, and King William greatly values him. He is sent to Ireland to put down rebellion, although privately he is some sympathy with the much put-upon Irish; he is an anomaly in Stuart England, a Catholic in the army. But then an explosion puts him out of active service, and, severely injured, he retires to his home on the Scottish Borders to recuperate in solitude, fearing that his usefulness is over. But in 1701 war with the French is looming again, and the king recalls him to send him to the Netherlands to spy out French defences. This is the bare outline of his movements over a few years, but many adventures happen to him through these years; he forms unusual friendships, he meets the woman he will marry, a woman with whose family he has a twisted history. He finds powerful political support. This is a story of war and diplomacy, of a man's steadfastness and reward.Mildmay has been a soldier since he was eighteen years old and injured at the Battle of Sedgemoor, but he will not fight in the coming war against France. And once Queen Anne comes to the English throne, his usefulness to the crown is at an end. Instead, a new future beckons him.

The Tribe's Blood Series.

Blood Trial - The Test had gone wrong. Alien magic has been introduced. Vireann, in trying to combat this, falls into the hands of the red wizard Goragdil.He undergoes many trials at the wizard's hands, finally losing his magic when he disrupts an incantation in an attempt to gain his freedom. ... But has he?

Blood Debt - Two Clansmen find a lone young drow, Vireann, ill and powerless. But by helping him they break Clan law. They flee south with him, but fall into the hands of slave traders and are separated. Vireann escapes and follows their trail to rescue them, helped by the warrior Rhuawn Bebyr and his raven Dyr. And the red wizard Goragdil pursues them.

Blood Quest - Vireann has returned home. But he still wants revenge against Goragdil. And he cannot do it alone. Again he sets out from his own Tribeland to seek help and gather companions; his previous comrades, Rhuawn Debyr with his raven Dyr, the Clansmen; and others. Sasstra, a berserker woman, insists on joining them, seeking her own revenge against Goragdil, but by her actions putting the whole quest, and particularly Vireann, in danger.

Blood Lust - Vireann's task is still not completed. His wife has been spirited away and the white wizard Satyagraha has still not been found. He believes the two are connected, and with his friend Rhuawn Bebyr, and Rhuawn's raven Dyr, begin their quest once more. Ossareh, the Woodelf, joins them in the search for the wizard. The quest takes them from country to country, discovering more strange magic than any of them had thought possible. Old friends appear to help, and one new-made enemy, Sasstra, who plans Vireann's death, invoking dire magic to overcome him. But Vireann is stronger than he realises, though the final battle in that conflict is not for him. And there is still Satyagraha to find .....

Blood Ties - With Sasstra's death Vireann and his companions can now continue with their quest to rescue the white wizard Satyagraha. But they do not realise that they are still pursued. And what they will soon face will be the greatest danger of all, a being of awesome power and malice. All their quests have led up to this confrontation. This rescue will take their greatest endurance, the greatest magic which Vireann and Arianhrod possess. Unexpected help arrives but even with this they cannot match Maya face to face. Is this too much for them? Will everything end on this desolate volcano? Will illusion conquer belief?

Blood Feud - Vireann and his companions are sent on a quest by the dragon Vala, through the hostile land of the Fordead. They run the gauntlet of hostile Woodelves, fall prey to deception and have to solve deadly riddles before they reach their goal, only to find more deception to achieve the ending of a centuries' old feud. Only then are they empowered to conclude their own quest. But that quest spawns further adventures. The world has not yet done with Vireann.


The Horsemen of Malaty - Malaty, a medieval kingdom, attacks Ugar. Her army is destroyed, her warriors enclaved. Comrhiy is in the power of Anda. But she is not of Ugar, but of his own land, one of the People of Power, as they call themselves. And Comrhiy is her people's once magical, once defeated enemy. But he is the instrument of an ancient prophecy, and their association brings disaster terrifyingly near as he regains the powers his people lost long ago and uses them to seek revenge

Tales From The Kingdoms - Three novellas of heroes and adventures in Celtic times, spanning Britain and Ireland. A man is enchanted by a fairy woman into giving up his life for her lover, but she changes her mind .... A wandering warrior is captured by Scoti invaders and taken to Argyll, from where he wanders the length of Britain trying to find a way home to Erin; he finds it difficult because he is not what he seems .... Two feuding clan lords find that love can distract from war
The stories are set at around the time of Arthur, in the Dark Ages, the era of tribal heroes and great wars. The life of the period and the visibilty of magic are brought to being here .

The Plains Hawk - Sandy and her two friends go to Mexico on holiday, and are thrilled to find a taxi driver who will take them around the country. But ... very soon things begin to go wrong. They are kidnapped and fear the worst. And Sandy has a different fear to face. For she, alone, is snatched from the kidnappers by a man from the past. And she is forced to follow him as he turns to his past to distance them from her original kidnappers, or be left alone in a country of which she knows nothing. But if she trusts him, she might, just might, be rewarded.

MARANBY'S INHERITANCE (THE WARLORD OF RHANDUN Book 1) - The boy-king of Maranby is helpless to stop the atrocities committed in his name. In the end he himself is turned on. His escape and exile change his life completely. Now he begins to learn who he truly is, what his inheritance could be. But first, young as he is, he must deal with Maranby. And now his ancestry tells, for he swiftly begins to develop a skill which the usurper of Maranby will rue till his dying day - a warrior unequalled, a winner of wars. What Maranby has sown, so does it reap. And the inheritance of the dangers of his childhood will take Ruan on to a destiny he never thought could be his. This is the first book of the trilogy "The Warlord of Rhandun". It will take Ruan ten years from the day he takes the reins of his own fate into his own hands until that fate is finally revealed.


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